Vinni Smith (creator of V-Picks) says:

"While at Nashville NAMM last summer, Mrs V and I met a very interesting person. Bing Futch was demonstrating the Dulcimers. Up to that point, I had seen the instrument and even owned one, but did not know its name or that it could produce such wonderful music and tone. Since this meeting, we have become friends with this magnificent artist. He has test driven all of our picks and we have joined forces to produce what we consider to be an EXCELLENT Dulcimer pick. We named it the most logical name we could think of, the V-Pick 'Bing'. Of course, after the player we consider to be one of, if not THE best Dulcimer player on the planet, Bing Futch."

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V-Picks: How it began...

"A few years ago at Summer NAMM, I was demonstrating for Folkcraft Instruments using my pick of choice; a Herdim tri-tip.  Up walks this guy and a posse of people, all dressed alike.  He asks me, 'what kind of picks do dulcimer players like?' and I showed him the plectrum in my hand.

He then proceeds to hand me a thick, see-through pick that looked like the Pink Panther diamond and says, 'try this.' 

I looked at it in disbelief, shrugged my shoulders and began flatpicking some fiddle tune that had been giving me grief.  But something was out-of-whack.  Suddenly, I was acing the lick.

'What kind of voodoo is in this pick, anyway?' I said.  He just smiled. That's how I met Vinni Smith, creator of V-Picks, and I've been playing them ever since."

- Bing Futch